Lift Series

The safest and quickest route from the floor (or ground) to your work at height.

When you have staff working on big expensive equipment, there are 2 things that will likely worry you most. They are:

  • Your Worker's safety and
  • Your Equipment's downtime

These 2 concerns very often work against each other...but the real good new is that with the Equiptec Lift Series they can work together!

By providing a roomy and firm work deck, surrounded by compliant handrails, at the right height, to allow workers to work as closely as possible to the ergonomically correct position that suits them, Equiptec’s Lift Series keeps worker(s) safe and secure. One of our many customer testimonials talks about the feedback from his workers, that they are far more confident working at heights, applying pressure or weight to their workpiece, knowing they have the solid backing of an Equiptec platform. Having this assurance workers tend to give their best to the job. And not only that, with the Equiptec Lift Series, the worker(s) have free and quick emergency access to the floor (or ground) at all times…so they can react quickly to remove themselves from danger if need be.

At the same time, you will know the cost of downtime while your machine is being serviced. The quicker you can get it back to work, the more productive and profitable your operation will be. With the Equiptec Lift Series, not only will your worker(s) be able to concentrate on the job and function better due to the safe surroundings, but they can also carry bulky parts (such as large filters etc) up to the job with ease. This all results in happier staff, and quicker turn around for your equipment. As an example, this response from a client who had an Equiptec platform for 4 years tells it all…”still saving us cost and downtime, what used to take 4 people 6 hours, takes 2 people to get the job done in 3 hours”! Now you just calculate what that would save in your case.

The Equiptec Lift Series currently come only in the Giraffe range but watch this space for the new generation Monkey and Squirrel to join the lineup.

Key Benefits of the Equiptec Lift Series Range

  • Multiple uses per model (due to height adjustment)
  • User's safety through consistency - footprint, access angle and bottom step always constant
  • Use as work platforms - or accessways, with the provision of front gate(s)
  • A solid investment, proven to last, proven to increase safety and proven to reduce downtime


Height Adjustable Stair Access