VRS Mobile Height Adjustable Work Platforms

Cover more jobs with less workstands using the VRS game changing technology...

A platform where you want to work!

The age old problem of having to use a large array of access platforms when servicing a variety of machinery (and then having to store them in between jobs) is solved with VRS Mobile Height Adjustable Work Platforms.

This multi-use, height adjustable platform is a truly versatile workstation. Designed to increase both safety & productivity in your workplace, Equiptec’s experience in manufacturing quality access gear is obvious with the VRS range. Not only are our platforms durable, they are also meticulously designed to be very functional and easy to use, as well as built to exacting standards.

So if you are looking for a safe, solid, reliable and practical solution to those multiple height-access problems in your operation read on.

The VRS currently comes in 4 ranges, the original Giraffe, the smaller Leopard, the agile Monkey, and the nifty Squirrel series.

Key Benefits of the VRS Range

  • Multiple uses per model (due to height adjustment)
  • User's safety through consistency - footprint, access angle and bottom step always constant
  • Use as work platforms - or accessways, with a front gate provision
  • A solid investment - built for, and proven in the toughest work environments



Height Adjustable Stair Access




Portable Height Adjustable Cantilever Step Platform




Height Adjustable Step Platforms




Portable Height Adjustable Work Platform