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Height Adjustable Stair Access

Award-Winning Work Platform

VRS Giraffe 2310 working on CAT D11

The ultimate in height ajustable access, walk right up to your job! Keep your staff safe, and more efficient with the Giraffe's wide, easy, constant graident stairs. They make carrying tools/parts up to the job a breeze!

The icing on the cake is the fact that just ONE unit can do multiple jobs thanks to the height adjustability, and the variety of gates you can access the workface through...and then there is the large cantilevered deck...


  • Easy hydraulically height adjustable deck for different jobs

  • Ability to asend/decent 'hands free'

  • Constant stair grade, constant bottom step height and constant footprint size = easy and efficient for the user

Key Product Features

Model Details

Six standard models with platform heights up to 4.9m

VRS Giraffe 2310
VRS 2310
Deck Height From 1.4m to 2.3m
Overall Width 1650mm
Overall Length 3830mm
Platform Width 810mm
Platform Length 1650mm
VRS Giraffe 3510
VRS 3510
Deck Height From 2.5m to 3.5m
Overall Width 1650mm
Overall Length 4980mm
Platform Width 810mm
Platform Length 1650mm

Meet your exact requirements with these ingenious options. Most can be retrofitted, so when you needs change, your VRS Giraffe can ge adapted to suit!

What our customers say about this product...

VRS Giraffe 3510 with optional Safe T Cell
Vrs Giraffe


Cloudbreak Mine, WA

The VRS has solved numerous access issues with most of our mobile equipment. The platforms are quality build for the mining environment.

Safe Hands Free Access
Vrs Giraffe

Air New Zealand

Maintenance, Auckland

We have had two VRS units in our hanger since August 2011, and would not work without them now. They have greatly improved height safety, made it simple and efficient to access many difficuilt areas, and have been totally trouble free.

Vrs Giraffe


Blackwater Mine, Qld

The VRS work platforms have brought flexibility to our workforce and almost eliminated all working at height restrictions with any tasks.

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