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VRS Monkey M24

The VRS Monkey Series provides a lot of the VRS Giraffe's benefits but utilising steps instead of stairs. This makes it a compact, very portable work platform, well suited to factories and workshops with less room to move about but where considerable elevation is needed.

Our VRS range of Height Adjustable Step Platforms are built to last and to perform time and agian, with rigorous desing work coupled with excellent manufacturing standards to produce this dependalbe Step Platform for the market.


  • Awesome adjustable height range from 0.96m to 3.1m with just 2 models!

  • Easy to manoeuvre - 'turn on the spot'

  • Steps (with firm handrailing either side) allowing for a very compact work platform, and comparatively large deck

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Key Product Features

Model Details

6 heights, 6 seconds!

VRS M24 - 6 deck positions
Monkey M24
Deck Height From 1.2m to 2.4m
Overall Width 1160mm
Overall Length 2190mm
Platform Width 630mm
Platform Length 1090mm
VRS M31 - 6 deck positions
Monkey M31
Deck Height From 1.9m to 3.1m
Overall Width 1160mm
Overall Length 2290mm
Platform Width 630mm
Platform Length 1090mm

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Truck Stops Napier Branch
Safe for Industry
Safe Hands Free Access
Vrs Giraffe

Air New Zealand

Maintenance, Auckland

We have had two VRS units in our hanger since August 2011, and would not work without them now. They have greatly improved height safety, made it simple and efficient to access many difficuilt areas, and have been totally trouble free.

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